Ladihood Overview

LADIHOOD is far more than teaching exterior is about grooming women of all ages into well-rounded ladies of substance.

"Of what benefit is it to have carats of diamonds in our ear lobes but an empty space between our two ears!"

Our Course and Workshops are designed to instruct, inspire and initiate action from all who participate.

Our Passion Points:

  • Building Self-Esteem & Character
  • Developing the mind-set of a Lady
  • Speech, Carriage and Etiquette
  • Understanding the importance of your image and body language
  • Proper eating habits
  • The importance of fitness in your life
  • The power of positive affirmations
  • Identifying and plans of action to dealing with unhealthy relationships-in school, the workplace and the home (Bullying, Self- mutilation, violence in teen dating and the signs to look for regarding suicide and help that is available for any of the aforementioned)
  • The value of proper communication skills
  • .......and so much more!

"Ladihood" The Art of Being A Lady-is designed for Moms, Guardians, Mentors and their girls (ages 9-16yrs old).

It is a four event annual program to help bond the adult participant with their young girl as they delve into all aspects of the grooming process.


Ladihood has been in operation for two years and has had fantastic results!

8 Ladihood programs have been conducted for a total of approximately 120 graduates

We successfully conducted our first Summer Camp, Girl Are Pearls Six Week Summer Series, in the summer of 2015 with a total of 12 youth participants with over 30 Professional Volunteers from the Community Partnering to Share Pearls of Wisdom and participate in activities with the youth throughout the series

We proud to continuously hear testimonies of how our program has benefited our participants as they mature in becoming ladies!

The Beauty of a Lady Must be More than Skin Deep


Book the course to come to you! "Ladihood on the Move" brings all of the components of our course directly to your organization in the form of a 4 hour or 8 hour workshop.

Along with the core of the program, your organization can request customization based upon the needs of your specific community of attendees.


The Signature "Ladihood" Workshop

Our signature short form workshop is a 2 hour course for both youth and adults that reviews the 8 principles of Ladihood (based on the creative acronym for it's title). The course ends with a positive affirmation workshop in which participants are guided through how to create a powerful yet fun rhyming affirmation reflecting their own positive qualities couples with their aspirations for the future.

Grand Slammin' "Ladihood" in the Business World

This workshop is designed specifically for professional women who desire to really understand their value in the business world and recognize that they can still achieve success and respect although they are in a male dominated environment. They will learn in an exciting and creative manner the 4 plates they must slide by in order to score a Grand Slam Home Run in the Business World!

"Ladihood" the Production

The "Ladihood" Interactive Poetic Piece can be booked to open or close any event. This poetic piece is the actual core of our "Ladihood" Movement. It was written in 2006 to serve as an Inspiration and a wake up call to women to really focus on setting the proper example in mentoring our young girls. The piece in brought to life and is much more than a recitation but with the interaction of live models who maneuver within the audience as the piece is recited it is a powerful call to action and very entertaining.



Ladihood has given us the Mother/Daughter relationship where she can come to me with any questions or concerns about eating healthy, exercise and dressing modestly. I've been able to motivate, inspire and influence the girls/women I know to become vibrant and positive young ladies and I have even had the opportunity to teach someone and groom them to "Dress for Success". Thank you Mo for this movement which my daughter and I whole-heartedly support! ~M. Bryan (Mom), Matthews, NC

I came to this class expecting to learn alongside my daughter how to "dare to be dainty", I did not realize how empowering, thought-provoking or conversation-starting this experience would turnout to be for myself and my daughter. I can't wait for the next workshop and I find myself wanting to share Monique's message with all Mother's and Daughters. I wish this class was available for every Mother and pre-teen daughter to take. I feel like it encourages positive behavior, self-awareness and empowerment for every young lady and their parental figures. I hope to spread this message so Monique can take her message to the world! ~Je Lee Renner (Mom), Fort Mill, SC

This has not only taught me how to look and talk like a Lady but to act like one also. It's a great vibe and everyone's smiling and having fun! It's an awesome place for not just daughters but Mothers as well.I am a Hot, Sharpe and Ultra-Fine Young Lady. ~Ma'Niya Alexander(Young Lady InTraining), Charlotte, NC

WOW!!! This has been an awesome program to be a part and two just grow with... I love it and want more of it.... WOW! ~Kandy Alexander (Mom), Charlotte, NC

Special, Innovative, Impressive Healing Prosperous, Audacious, Inviting Experience! I am personally grateful for the experience of Ladihood. the presenters and information was life changing. I am a Lady who is becoming greater because of the Ladihood experience!I personally approve of this experience and support its efforts to become an international name. I have been blessed to be one of the initial Moms to partake and will be referring and recommending this experience to other Mothers and daughters.

Thanks Mo for thinking of me, I am honored! ~Lady Tomika Dixon (Mom), Charlotte, NC

This program has shown me my true colors and how to be a better example to my friends. I babysit and have some friends that look up to me but its also good that I have friends that I can look up to so we can all stand on each others faith. I hope my friends Mom takes her the next time in July and for me to be able to share with her and for her to share with me about our experience. ~Ashley Bryan (Lady In-Training), Matthews, NC

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